T-Shirt Monthly Subscription Box


Next Level Shirt. Printed with an anajet Mp5 direct to garment printer.

Our monthly subscription box lets us surprise you with one shirt a month for the year! This kind of subscription however is different than the rest. Our surprise box puts you in control of what kind of product you would like to receive: basics like size, color scheme in the rotation of colors your shirts could be and your gender. You can even opt in or out of our holiday themed apparel when the time comes! 

The thing that makes this subscription box so special is that the way you pay is fully customizable by you. Let’s say In January you can subscribe to the tees for the year, then come May you might rather wear a tank top, our subscription will let you go into your account and edit preferences, and you can simply swap out your tee subscription to a tank subscription. You can do the same again, when the weather changes and you may be happier with a hoodie for that month. 

You may also start with our 12 month subscription and want to pause a few months, you may also go into your account and just hit pause. You can pick back up at anytime before your year is over. (Paused months will not be charged) If this is a Holiday gift, birthday gift or just a special treat to you, get one of our many designs on one of many shirts once a month for the year. I promise you’ll always be happy opening a box of Disney magic regularly. 

Try it out and sign up to receive your first subscription box! Our very first set of subscription boxes ship out at the end of January! Click on the style shirt you’d like to receive first and get started! Can’t wait to share this with you guys! 

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