Disney Magic

Disney Magic

People ask me all the time why I go to Disney World so much. Or why I spend so much time there when I go. They ask what is it about Disney that's so special to me? And my answer is this.. It's magical. So what is Disney Magic? Here's what it is to me. When I was growing up my mom took me to Disney World every year. It was our "thing", our bonding time. I remember, as young as I was, holding back tears of joy as soon as our plane landed in Orlando. It was pure excitement and joy and innocence. My heart was full!! That feeling has never left me even as an adult with my own child. I still can't help but get tears in my eyes with that first walk down Main Street, or when Wishes starts. That's what the real Disney Magic is, it's pure happiness. It's in the people that visit Disney year after year. It's the sparkle in your little ones eyes the first time they see Mickey Mouse. Disney Magic IS the people that put it all together. The imagineers, the blog writers, the photographers. The small businesses that love Disney so much they spend all their time making Mickey Ears and t-shirts to make someone else's trip special. It's a feeling, it's a memory, it's you and me and Walt Disney. 4AFB7BC5-FC20-4FBF-9A2F-55D2B7ACDB28-2
February 08, 2016 by Danielle Cohen
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Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival

Very excited for Epcot's Flower and Garden festival this year! We were there last year and it was SO much fun!

February 08, 2016 by Danielle Cohen
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Magic Kingdom Monday!!!

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The Polynesian Village Resort

The Polynesian Village Resort: Everyone's favorite Deluxe Resort

I've stayed at The Polynesian a few times and it is my favorite resort on property. While its one of the most expensive it's absolutely the best deluxe resort! The feeling of being whisked away to a tropical paradise right in the middle of theme park madness is what makes this resort so special! There are so many things to say about this gem, here are just a few.


The Polynesian is one of the three hotels on the monorail loop. It is only one stop away from Magic Kingdom, and if you take the monorail to the ticket and transportation center you can board another monorail to Epcot. If you don't mind a short hike you can actually get to the ticket and transportation center by walking, and get on the Epcot monorail that way. It is very easy to get to two parks without bussing it. Not only is it easy to get to the Magic kingdom from this resort, but you're so close you can actually see Cinderella Castle from the beach and some rooms! Which brings you some of the best views of Wishes fireworks you'll see anywhere!! IMG_3912-2

Food Food FOOD!!

I can't stress enough that the restaurants at the Poly are some of the best in Disney World. Let's just start with the obvious: Ohana! The best friends breakfast is my favorite character meal. You get to meet two classics, Mickey and Pluto, AND you get to meet Lilo and Stitch. This is the only place that you can meet Lilo and Stitch. Make sure you have those cameras ready! The food comes family style and is all you can eat. Not only is the food fantastic but you get a panoramic view of Seven Seas Lagoon. Dinner at Ohana is not a character meal but the quality in food makes up for the lack in "character". It is also served family style, and I hope you bring a big family because it is a lot of food!! Come hungry!! Another restaurant in the Great Ceremonial House is Kona Cafe. It has an open atmosphere and views of the lobby. The breakfast here is wonderful, the lunch and dinner are even better! The sticky wings, and pot stickers are amazing.  They also serve sushi, which you can get at Kona Island. Captain Cooks is the Polynesians quick service restaurant. Come here for breakfast, because all I have to say is TONGA TOAST. No further need for explanation, just order it. And don't forget to stop at Pinapple Lani, the only place other than Magic Kingdom that you can get a Dole Whip! IMG_3914-2

The Rooms

Now it's obvious that if you stay in a Bungalow or Club Level room you will get great views, but I am here to tell you that even with a standard room you will get a great view and a beautiful room. When you do online check in there is a place to make room requests. You can pick which longhouse you would like to stay in and what floor or if you would like a balcony or patio. From my personal experience, I have always picked a room with a balcony in the Figi longhouse. We have always had amazing views. This building is close to the main building and transportation. It's also on the water. Yet no matter what building you stay in the rooms are all big. Most with two queen beds some with one King. The bathrooms are large and there are two closets. The resort is just the best. And once you stay here you will never want to stay anywhere else!!! IMG_3913-2 Staying at The Polynesian Village  Resort is like going on a tropical vacation inside your Disney Vacation. The relaxing beaches, the tropical drinks, the tiki torches lit at night, the beautiful view of Seven Sea lagoon and Cinderella Castle and fireworks are all reasons to love this little piece of paradise. IMG_39141-2
February 07, 2016 by Danielle Cohen
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Bringing Babies to Disney World

Bringing Babies to Disney World: They are never too little!

When I told people I was taking my son to Disney World when he was 9 months old, they looked at me like I was crazy. "He won't even remember it" they said "wait until he can appreciate it" they said "He's too young!". Well I'm here to tell you they were W-R-O-N-G! Because bringing my son when he was that little was one of my favorite trips! I'm going to tell you why Disney is truly for kids of all ages and easier than you would think!

Baby Centers!!

Every Park has a baby center. Let's start by saying they are air conditioned saviors! Each one has a room with chairs and a tv and a couch to relax and cool off in the middle of a hot day. There is a separate room for nursing moms that's quiet and comfortable. The best is each baby center has a changing table ROOM with 4 or 5 changing tables. (Anyone that's ever tried to change a baby in a crowded bathroom will appreciate this!) They all sell diapers, wipes, and baby Tylenol and some other things for baby. All can be a a true help if you've run out of anything. There is also a microwave and sink available. It can just a nice place to cool off and take a break from the noise and chaos of the park. Check Park Maps for the location. This makes bringing baby to Disney a lot easier!!

Babies travel easier in the parks

During my trip I lugged my stroller on the plane, the bus, the monorail, through security and through the parks. Leaving it at Stroller Parking to even go on rides. After using it as a bag holder for the second full day I said forget it I'm leaving it in the room! Instead I put my son in a baby carrier (Ergo 360 is the best one by far) it was the easiest way to get through the park. No stroller = no stroller wars! Hurray! I don't have to apologize for clipping yet another persons heals! All the rides that you can bring baby on, you can keep them in the carrier. (Felt a lot safer on Dumbo!) It's truly so easy! Also at a young age before they can walk they won't want to run around all over the place yet! It's actually more of a laid back trip with a baby.

Seeing little eyes light up for the first time

Oh my goodness! Seeing your baby's face when they see Mickey or the parade or all the beautiful wonderful sights of Disney is Magical in itself. They may not remember this trip but you always will!! Just to see the big smiles is worth all of it! And oh the pictures you will get and have to cherish forever!

Disney is accommodating

If you are staying at one of the Walt Disney Resort Hotels you can request a crib, pack and play, and bed rails for your room. Calling ahead of time to request it is better because it will be in your room right when you check in. If you happen to forget you can request it at the front desk when you arrive. All rooms have mini refrigerators and some hotels will get you a microwave upon request. It is much easier to know you don't have to bring a pack and play from home.

Ship things ahead of time

Up to 10 days before your arrival at a Disney World resort you can send yourself packages that they will bring to your room when you check in. I've sent down extra diapers, wipes, and formula and baby food jars (Food should be shipped down close to your arrival date, because, well it's food). Anything that would be too much to pack in your suitcase, ship ahead. You can even order groceries ahead of time to be delivered when you get there. This perk makes travel with baby a lot easier!

Enjoying The little things

Sometimes when we are on a Disney trip it's a mad dash to get everything done. Or get to the "big" rides. Sometimes you are in such a hurry your forget to stop and just enjoy your surroundings and how gorgeous the Disney Parks really are. When you go to Disney with a baby you get to slow down and enjoy Disney World in a different way. Just sitting on a bench watching people go by. Or watching one of The stage shows. Or just walking around and looking at the scenery. You might find some hidden treasures! I enjoyed Epcot a lot when I went when my son was so young. Walking around the world showcase and looking through all the shops and each country was so much fun and relaxing. Even with all the walking! You might just appreciate and enjoy Disney a little more when you're there with baby. It is never too soon to introduce the magic that is Disney. And it's not as hard as you might think it would be!
February 07, 2016 by Danielle Cohen
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Sunday is Better in Disney!!!

Who would like to be spending their Sunday in Disney?

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The Best (secret) Spots

The Best (secret) Spots to Watch Magic Kingdoms Parades and Fireworks

Disney parades and fireworks are something special. There's no where else on this planet where you can see such magic unfold. Being in Disney World for the first, or thirty first time seeing the sky light up over Cinderella castle just takes your breath away. Now, everyone knows that if you stand in front of the castle or on MainStreet you will get the best views for both the parades and fireworks, but I have some of the best (secret) spots to sit without the crowds!

The sleigh in front of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square.

Not many people know about this spot, or that you can actually sit in the sleigh to watch the parades. It's elevated so you can see over the people standing on the street, and you have a seat! The sleigh fits five people. If you can get there a half an hour before the parade hop in and people watch until the real show starts. The parade passes directly in front of you and it is one of the best views you could get without sitting in the crowd. An added bonus of watching the parades from this spot is that Sleepy Hollow is located directly across from it. So have someone in your party grab a funnel cake while you wait. IMG_3876-2

The Short Wall In Front of The Dumbo Ride

Ok, I know the title sounds silly but it's the only way to explain where this is. There is a short wall in front of the Dumbo ride, under the Storybook Circus sign, across from the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Got all that? This spot is great for watching wishes! There are literally no crowds at all in this part of New Fantasy Land at night. You get a nice seat (I'm big on not having to stand after a long day of walking the parks). You get a view of TWO castles! Cinderella and Little Mermaid! Added bonus, there is a snack cart right next to you that sells pop corn, pretzels and Churros. Double Bonus, Big top is also right in this area if you need a cake pop or fudge to complete your night! IMG_3878-2

The Outdoor Patio at Pecos Bills

This spot is a favorite of mine to watch The Main Street Electrical Parade. Pecos Bills is hardly ever crowded at night. Especially because everyone is usually at the front of the park. There are tables set up outside (yay no standing!!) and the parade is so easy to see. It's, in my opinion, the best place to watch the night time parade if you are planning on staying in the park after enjoying it. After the parade you aren't being corralled with the rest of the crowds. Added Bonus, it is steps away from splash mountain and thunder mountain which will have no lines right after the parade ends. IMG_3889-2

The "Other"  Beach At The Polynesian Resort

Watching Wishes from the Polynesian is not a big secret. Yet most people think of the beach in front of the main pool as being the best spot to watch the fireworks. It is the most popular but most crowded! There is another beach in between the Figi Longhouse and Luau Cove that is always empty. There is actually a better view of the Castle from this beach. You don't even need a park ticket to enjoy the best fireworks show around! There is also a fantastic view of Electrical Water Pagent, if you arrive early enough. Added Bonus, to go tropical drinks from Tambu Lounge that you can enjoy while watching Wishes! IMG_3898-2 I'm sure anywhere you chose to watch the parades and fireworks will be magical, these are just a few of my favorites!
February 06, 2016 by Danielle Cohen
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