Disney Magic

People ask me all the time why I go to Disney World so much. Or why I spend so much time there when I go. They ask what is it about Disney that's so special to me? And my answer is this.. It's magical. So what is Disney Magic? Here's what it is to me. When I was growing up my mom took me to Disney World every year. It was our "thing", our bonding time. I remember, as young as I was, holding back tears of joy as soon as our plane landed in Orlando. It was pure excitement and joy and innocence. My heart was full!! That feeling has never left me even as an adult with my own child. I still can't help but get tears in my eyes with that first walk down Main Street, or when Wishes starts. That's what the real Disney Magic is, it's pure happiness. It's in the people that visit Disney year after year. It's the sparkle in your little ones eyes the first time they see Mickey Mouse. Disney Magic IS the people that put it all together. The imagineers, the blog writers, the photographers. The small businesses that love Disney so much they spend all their time making Mickey Ears and t-shirts to make someone else's trip special. It's a feeling, it's a memory, it's you and me and Walt Disney. 4AFB7BC5-FC20-4FBF-9A2F-55D2B7ACDB28-2
February 08, 2016 by Danielle Cohen
Tags: Disney

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